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We are professional!Shanxi Jiuguangcheng Human Resources Management Co., Ltd. is a provincial human resources service agency approved by Shanxi Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and Department of Science and Technology. The main services include:In the high-end professional introduction, accumulation fund of social security agency, enterprise or business unit labor dispatching, individual or unit files attached, labor and social security consulting, business address affiliated, bookkeeping agency service content, provide the system of employment services to job seekers, make its can find where my expertise, realize self value of jobs, for the enterprises and institutions to provide quality service of choose and employ persons,Make it get the high quality talents needed to achieve the purpose of win-win.To entrust recruitment painted (4) market expansion agent + five social insurance and one housing fund [10] resume | 6 K to 7 K/month / / yingze district, taiyuan city, Shanxi Province experience unlimited | | college u convenience store employees [100] the CV | 2.5 K – 3 K/month / / xinghualing district, taiyuan city, Shanxi Province experience unlimited | | painted junior administrative assistant[1] the CV | 2 K – 3 K/month/taiyuan city, Shanxi Province/knick-knacks experience unlimited | | painted college social security professionals [2] the CV | 2.5 K to 5 K/month/taiyuan city, Shanxi Province/knick-knacks unlimited | | experience college “reading” click below to view the unit position the latest recruitment information[2022-3-22] Shanxi Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shanxi Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine) 2022 Open recruitment of doctoral candidates announcement [2022-3-22] Social security information market to participate in Taiyuan flexible employment medical insurance agent payment noticeTaiyuan City flexible employment insurance participants pension insurance online payment starts 2021 annual flexible employment pension insurance final payment time Employment probation Provincial units Employment Probation subsidy Application guide Shanxi Human Resources Market Shanxi Talent Network ( wechat public account: SXSRlzyscAddress: No.81, Xinjian South Road, Taiyuan city, Shanxi Province