Xiaoshan a family story | “the Spring Festival with Eva rota” fire

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“At present, most of our family members are on the front line of epidemic prevention, so we need to adjust the allocation of our child-care force…”Recently, a “Spring Festival with children duty list” posted on wechat moments has aroused a lot of resonance among workers fighting the epidemic.Spring Festival with baby duty table which day who is on duty, which day who with baby, how to “handover”, at a glance.The production of this duty sheet, is the deputy director of the city police station Tan Huajie’s wife Zhou Menglan.Xiaoshan public security epidemic prevention and control call sounded, chengxiang police station all civilian auxiliary police with one heart, united as one, party representatives volunteered, deputy director Tan Huajie is so.For several days, Tan Huajie to home, the position of the office moved to the synthetic war room, with the team day and night to investigate and monitor, verify the relevant data.In the “behind-the-scenes battlefield” of the critical battle against the epidemic, they are racing against time and are “on fire” 24 hours a day.Tan Huajie and his teammates in the synthesis of the war room busy “heart is thinking about fast, to be accurate, a second earlier to verify the situation clearly reported, less risk of the spread of the epidemic.Checking relevant data is a crucial first step on the assembly line of epidemic prevention and control.Once this link is delayed, the follow-up landing work can not be carried out, the pressure can be imagined.To this end, Tan huajie and his colleagues through one night after another.Eyes become dry, rest for a while and continue to see;Hungry, fast food, instant noodles will do;When I’m really sleepy, I’ll lie on my desk and take a nap…Computer, telephone became their most intimate “partner”, in addition to eating and short rest, waiting for them, is the need to check tens of thousands of data and forms.Their workload has multiplied, but they dare not miss any details or clues. They seek sources from massive data and details, check them repeatedly and form solid and reliable reports.Tan Huajie with family connection as the situation is getting better, busy into the night tan Huajie finally can take time to go home to rest.Seeing his son still waiting for him to go home, Tan Huajie felt distressed. He took a photo with his son and sent it to his wife, who was still busy at her post.Zhou Menglan is the evolution of the town deputy mayor, in charge of culture and education.Since the epidemic prevention and control work began, she has hardly been home, and the couple rarely see each other.Often when one goes home, the other stays at work.After Tan sent the photo to his wife, Zhou took a long time to reply, quipping: “Same Angle, same son.”It turned out that she had taken a photo with her son earlier.Tan Huajie and his wife chat record both husband and wife stick to the front line of the fight against the epidemic, the most worried is the child.In order to be able to work both at the same time, better take care of in the home everyday, jiangsu menglan zhou explained the situation, people in the home work in a couple of duty and the time, no problem to four old man home row rota “Spring Festival”, the four old man expressed understanding and support for the work of the younger generation, for the same goal, looking firmly on the back of the house.Zhou Menglan to elders “scheduling” for work, Tan Huajie tried his best, but for the family, he was full of guilt, “usually the work is very busy, really appreciate the hard work of the family.Tan Huajie did not expect that his wife would also come out of such a characteristic duty list, “we are both optimistic, since the responsibility is on the shoulder, always want to find a way to overcome difficulties, there is no such thing as difficulty!”Article/reporter Jiang Chao correspondent Xiao Gongxuan editor/Yu Haibo beg two even!