Universiade before opening conditions!Chengdu Museum of Nature has been basically completed and its interior and exterior decoration has entered the final stage

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The Chengdu Museum of Nature has attracted public attention since it was started in 2018. How is the construction of this unique building integrating specimen collection, scientific research, exhibition and cultural leisure?When will it open?At present, the whole natural museum has been basically completed, the external floor tiles, greening has been completed, the interior decoration has entered the final stage.According to Wu Xiao, the construction site representative of chengdu Museum of Natural History, the exhibition is currently being arranged inside, about 85% of the mechanical and electrical installation has been completed, and 90% of the HVAC engineering has been installed. After that, mechanical and electrical, HVAC commissioning will be carried out, and it is expected to be ready for the opening of the museum in the Universiad.The exterior wall is assembled by natural granite along Chenghua Avenue Shilidian Road to the direction of longtan Overpass driving, chengdu University of Technology on the right side of the road, you can see a similar ice crystal, snow mountain building, here is the Chengdu Museum of Nature under construction.”The appearance integrates Sichuan elements such as Shu Mountain, Shu Road and Shu Water, and integrates the tall and lofty snow mountains into the external shape of the museum, making the whole museum look more three-dimensional and beautiful.”According to Wu Xiao, the whole museum exterior with double curtain wall design, including the total area of the exterior curtain wall of 48,900 square meters, the use of roof grid will be natural granite fixed, granite surface increase transparent hole, its internal installation of light, like little stars in the night, a symbol of celestial bodies and geological evolution.It is understood that the Chengdu Museum of Natural History covers an area of about 91 mu, with a total construction area of 50,520 square meters.The new above-ground museum covers an area of 47,800 square meters, the new underground building covers an area of 14,900 square meters, and the old museum covers an area of 0.2,700 square meters.The main building of chengdu Museum of Natural History is composed of six monomes, which are connected by a walkway and an overpass corridor. There are four floors above ground and one underground floor. In addition to the five permanent exhibition halls above ground, including the Hall of Geological Environment, the Hall of Mineral Resources, the Hall of Dinosaur World, the Hall of Life Exploration and the Hall of Colorful Life,There are also educational function areas, academic lecture hall, 4D cinema, circular cinema and other public Spaces, which not only allow citizens to experience the unique charm of the earth’s geology and ecological environment, but also experience the magical scenes in “Night at the Museum” through built-in interactive devices.The first floor of the museum is divided into two permanent exhibition halls, namely the Hall of Mineral Resources and the Hall of Geological environment. In the two exhibition halls, all kinds of ores and mineral deposits have been basically arranged.In the geological environment hall located in the south of the first floor of the museum, popular science knowledge such as the formation of the universe and the earth, the formation of the Sichuan Basin and the Chengdu plain are displayed, as well as the miniature landform sand table of the Sichuan Basin and the ecological restoration sand table of Jiuzhaigou.The hall of Mineral Resources displays rich minerals, colorful minerals, bright jade and so on. The exhibition area of minerals and jade reflects the beauty of mineral crystal and jade and stone.In the colorful Life Hall on the 3rd floor, there are elephant and giraffe specimens packed in white materials, as well as diversified vegetation that has been built.”For the sake of protection, most of the minerals and animal specimens in the exhibition halls have not been displayed on site until the exhibition hall is open to the public.”In addition to the five permanent theme exhibition halls of geological environment, Mineral Resources, Dinosaur World, Life Exploration and Colorful Life, the museum also has areas such as 4D cinema and circular cinema that can bring immersive experiences to citizens, Wu said.Among them, the 4D cinema screen is arc-opening screen, a total of 32 sets of dynamic seats, which can accommodate 64 audiences.Located on the north side of the second floor, the circular screen cinema, with an arc length of 40 meters and a height of 11 meters, brings immersive experience to the audience with open stands.”At present, the interior and exterior decoration of the project is in the final stage, and only parts of the mechanical and electrical installation, hVAC installation, etc., are expected to be ready to open before the Universiade.”WuXiao said.Source: Red Star News