New demand in the metasverse boom?Canadian apparel factory launches NFT digital apparel

2022-04-24 0 By

VRAR Precision Design Group, headquartered in Richmond, Canada, has been specializing in garment drawing drafting, cutting, sample making and manufacturing for 30 years.This week, Precision announced the addition of a digital service with the launch of NFT apparel products.Ben Christy, managing director of The company, said: “We now offer our customers not only the physical design version, but also the digital version for them to use in the metasverse.I know it sounds abstract, but we’re trying to make it easier to understand.”The company launched the new service in partnership with Vancouver-based Sevin Kasran, a brand previously visited by the likes of comedian Kevin Hart and NBA player Malik Monk.Sevin Kasran’s distinctive and colorful look makes it an ideal brand for meta-cosmic fashion: their clothes (especially pants) are instantly recognisable.Ben Christy points out: “This brand is not cheap.””– in fact, they cost $650 –” So digital apparel gives people the opportunity to wear this brand without spending a lot of money.”The actual cost of NFT products is up to the seller, not the manufacturer, but Ben Christy explains that businesses can also use it to generate revenue or as a fun freebie.”They can give them away, design some sort of lottery, or sell them outright,” he explains.He adds that customers can also simply use the virtual goods to create a sense of community (for example, giving everyone in the metaverse a pair of limited-edition sunglasses).Precision has a team of designers who can help customers create digital fashion products, but it’s up to them to choose how to use them once they’ve been created.In addition to potentially breaking down barriers to consumption, BenChristy praised the low carbon footprint of digital clothing products.”There is no waste in digital products,” he stressed.There’s just a little bit of energy consumption, because all these products have to be on a server somewhere — but you don’t create inventory that might not sell.Digital inventory is more environmentally friendly.”According to Ben Christy, Precision’s goal is to be “the first and only apparel factory in Canada that produces both physical and digital products.”VRAR Planet provides international news, exhibition activities, practice guides, case studies, industry reports and white papers for the VR /AR industry.As the official authorized Representative office of the World VR/AR Association in China, responsible for recruiting Chinese members of the association;Create the world’s first VRAR interactive community.