Luis Dias has been signed to wear the number 23 shirt!Liverpool’s transfer window still unfinished?

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Liverpool’s first acquisition of the winter transfer window has been completed by sending someone to Argentina to test luis Dias, who is playing for Colombia in the World Cup qualifier, and sign a £50m deal with Porto.Maybe a chance to make his fa cup debut against Cardiff City.Luis Diaz, who is reportedly on a £90,000-a-week contract for five and a half years until the summer of 2027, will be Liverpool’s future replacement on the left wing and is thought to be the favourite to replace Mane in the future. The number 23 shirt is worn by Shaqiri, who previously owned emre Can and Jamie Carragher,But Liverpool still have a lot of work to do in this transfer window and are quite busy at the best of times.Many Liverpool fans would not have believed FSG would sign the club this winter for a £50 million fee, but spurs forced Liverpool to make a move six months earlier.Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy also threatened to complain to FSG about Julian Ward, who handled the transfer, after being blocked.Julian Ward, who is set to become Liverpool’s transfer chief, is fluent in Portuguese, having worked for the Portuguese national team and has been responsible for the loan and subsequent transfer of Marco Grujic to Porto, reflecting his close relationship with the club’s management.Liverpool two years ago has spread to luis diaz, reportedly pre-season also had asked prices respond to the other 90 million euros would consider, but Liverpool are ready to use only 50 million pounds for failing to accomplish themselves, Julian ward therefore suggests that if there are other teams in bidding to Porto dias immediately inform him,As a result, when Tottenham came in for £50m and Porto were willing to sell at a reduced price because of their financial woes, would you call Liverpool to see if they could come up with a better offer?That’s fine in business terms, tottenham can only blame themselves for not being big enough and not as attractive as Klopp. Complaining to FSG about Julian Ward is a real joke.Liverpool reportedly paid the same price as Tottenham, but the conditions attached are easier to achieve, most of these terms are to reach a certain number of appearances, or to qualify for the Champions League, win the Champions League or league prize money, joining Liverpool at least to qualify for the Champions League is easier than Spurs.When klopp spoke to dias on video, it was hard to be honest not to follow him.Dias has proved his worth in the Champions League after three years at Porto, where he has scored 41 goals in 125 appearances in all competitions. This season he has scored 14 goals and 4 assists in 18 appearances for Porto and is starting to mature and become the club’s top scorer.Although the standard of Portuguese football is not as good as that of the English premier League, it is believed that diaz will be able to do well at Liverpool, as evidenced by his move to Manchester united last season.Moreover, he has performed well in the Uefa Champions League and Europa League in recent season, with speed and breakthrough ability and strong shooting ability. Taking the Group matches of this year’s UEFA Champions League as an example, he has scored 2 goals in 4 out of 10 starts in 6 appearances. Looking only at his playing style and statistics, he should be the best successor of Marnetti.Luis Dias’ performance and stats for Porto: events;Number of trips;A goal;Assist league;77 (54);26.11 European Champions League, Europa League;25 (10) 7;1 Local cup;15 (0) 3;It emerged last night that Liverpool are still in the process of signing 19-year-old fulham midfielder Fabio Carvalho for a tentative £5m loan to buy fulham for the rest of the season after completing diaz’s bid.One night after the incident klopp was rumoured to have met fabio Carvalho’s parents via video to explain how Liverpool are developing him as a future Premier League star, fabio Carvalho’s side have agreed, and fulham will only have to negotiate a transfer fee and bonuses with Liverpool.Add in the fact that Fulham have yet to pay Liverpool the £12m transfer fee they paid earlier this season for Harry Wilson and it is believed to be a matter of detail.Although fabio carvalho will not immediately join in this season, but also would not necessarily next season after joining instant contribute to the Liverpool team, very much like the door of Harvey elliot may want to borrow another season to absorb combat experience, but for 5 million pounds to sign a potential recruits England Liverpool fans should accept the goods,But be prepared for a summer transfer window in which Liverpool may not be doing too much transfer activity, or sending more than buying.Liverpool are also looking to sell or borrow several fringe players in order to recoup some of their transfer fees, save money on wages and find some new players to play for.Here are a few players who could be on the move before the transfer window ends.1. Divock Origi has only six months left on his contract (there is a chance of an automatic one-year extension), so there are no immediate targets.2. Minamano takashi is asking for 20 million pounds after Leeds Legend were rejected by Liverpool for a six-month loan.3. Nekko Williams is bidding for £10m, with Championship bournemouth offering to lend him until the end of the season.1. With the arrival of Luis Diaz and the return of Xavi Elliott, Liverpool are looking to lend their experience to a lower division.5. Nathaniel Phillips has been asked for £15m, with Newcastle united and Watford rumoured to be interested in borrowing before buying, and may still be in the hunt.6. Lleyton Clarkson on loan for experience.