Yi County supervision brigade in-depth safety inspection ramming safety and stability of the prison

2022-04-23 0 By

On the arrival of the “Spring Festival”, the Yi County Supervision brigade in order to further eliminate safety risks, improve the safety coefficient of the prison, and effectively do a good job in the “Spring Festival” during the security work of the prison, the Yi County Detention House combined with the armed police squadron and the procuratorial department in the prison to carry out safety inspection.In the action, each group according to the division of labor, the supervision area of water and electricity equipment, technical system, etc., whether smooth operation;Whether sewers in supervisory areas are reinforced and closed;Whether there are monitoring dead spots in the supervision area;They also checked the hanging points and the removal of banned items.The leaders of the supervision brigade led the armed police squadron to inspect the security risks of the prison walls, posts and other prison infrastructure.The inspection process is promoted in an orderly manner to ensure that there are no dead ends in the safety inspection, and the problems found are immediately rectified to ensure that the problems are fundamentally solved.To carry out safety inspection is an important measure to ensure the safety of prison and an effective way to prevent safety accidents.Yi County supervision brigade will carry out regular safety inspection of the prison, effectively build a solid safety barrier, tamp safety prevention foundation, plug safety loopholes, maximize the elimination of potential accidents, resolutely eliminate the occurrence of all kinds of safety accidents, to ensure the safety and stability of the prison.