The state has unified the standards for granting funeral benefits, but the spouse’s survivor’s allowance has been abolished

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Today, we are going to talk about the bereaved family subsidies. Some subsidies, such as funeral expenses and pension, will be paid to the bereaved family members after they die. However, starting from September 2021, one subsidy will no longer be paid, that is, subsistence allowance for the bereaved family members of the insured.We should pay attention to one point, we mainly said today is to participate in urban workers social security personnel can receive subsidies after death, although some areas to participate in urban and rural residents social security friends also have funeral expenses and other subsidies, but now the country has not unified provisions, we will not discuss today.Actually about survivors subsidies, first published in 1951 in China the labor insurance regulations of the relevant policies, qualified workers or the workers died, you can get it from the survivors mortuary grant-in-aid and one-time pension benefits, such as pension benefits, at that time only in 1957 was officially changed to “one-off” pension,This policy, because at that time no endowment insurance, whether employee pension or funeral expenses, pension and other benefits are paid by the unit itself, so only work in the state-owned enterprise or the authority institution personnel along with these units retiree pensions, funeral subsidies, such as treatment, other company worker does not have this kind of treatment.Along with the development of our economy and the reform of economic system, in 1991 countries published enterprise endowment insurance policies, pensions for retirees of enterprises will shift from before by the unit pay their own grounds of endowment insurance fund pays, and funeral expenses, pension did not suddenly turn, each region regulations is different also, in some areas, like pensions,Assume by endowment insurance fund, some is to assume by endowment insurance fund partly, and the funeral cost of each area and pension treatment differ is very big, after all, the level of economic development of each area is different, plus at that time the whole country that did not realize endowment insurance as a whole, each area manages his.For funeral expenses, each employee who pays urban social security will receive a subsidy of a few thousand yuan, such as 2,000 yuan in Shanxi Province and 1,000 yuan in Shandong Province.The one-time pension is a subsidy paid to the family members of soldiers or staff who sacrificed their lives for the country. Shanxi Province’s one-time pension was only 3,000 yuan before, while Shandong province’s was 10 months ‘average social salary, which is much higher. Take 2020 as an example.A 10-month social welfare salary is nearly 70,000 yuan, which is not a small number. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region’s one-time pension is even more, it is 20 months of social welfare salary.In addition to the funeral expenses and one-time pension, there is also a survivor’s allowance, that is the survivor’s living difficulties allowance, although there are big differences between different regions, but the treatment is not too high, for example, Shanxi Province in the city living personnel only 140 yuan per month, while Shandong province is about 500 yuan.To be honest, this amount is not enough to guarantee the daily life of the bereaved family.As a result, the bereaved family’s subsistence allowance will be abolished after the country implements uniform standards for funeral expenses and lump-sum pension in September 2021.Countries also for old-age insurance system of the national plan as a whole, better now unified national funeral expenses and pension and all provinces and cities where last year’s urban per capita disposable income, funeral expenses is 2 months of per capita disposable income, one-time pension is as the case may be, 9-24 months per capita disposable income.Although the country cancelled the bereaved family life difficulty allowance, but if the life is really very difficult, still can apply for urban and rural subsistence allowance.