“The Beginning” plot ridicule: Wang Mengmeng incident is both the beginning and the end, too hasty!

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“The beginning” the play adapted from the novel of the same name pray Jun, produced by the dongyang noon sun cycle type of short drama, tells the story of Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing in the bus accident in the time period of continuous experience of the time cycle, from getting off to break the gap to fight side by side, trying to prevent the explosion, find the truth of the story.At present, the 15 episodes have ended, and the broadcast volume has gone straight to 1.5 billion. Generally speaking, the response is good. Bai Jingting and Zhao Jinmai’s performance is beyond our expectation.After watching the 15th set we all know That Wang Mengmeng in the car encounter rogue molestation led to its off, resulting in a car accident and the real cause of death, the cause of this incident I think we have long known before.When Wang mengmeng was molested, liu Yao, wang’s classmate, also saw her and took photos with her mobile phone.Liu Yao got off in a panic at the Yanjiang East Road station. Why didn’t Wang Mengmeng get off?And there was a stop along Jiangxi Road before she got on the bridge, which could be explained as she was introverted and at a loss at that time. But what happened later, as we all know, she was crazy to get off the bus when it was driving on the bridge, which makes no sense!And when she was molested in the car, she was cowardly and afraid to speak up, understandable, but at least she moved her seat in the car.When memories Wang Xingde went for 45 bus drivers, bus company always why no impression on him, Yang meng-meng wang event is a sensation in the society at that time, then Wang Xingde couple repeatedly harassed 45 passengers on the road and the complaints, and it also is Yang personally to deal with the coordination, meet with Wang Xingde and view the details, but don’t know, don’t!At the end of the play, Wang Xingde and “abnormal glasses man” He Yingjun are in the detention house. According to the “Regulations of the People’s Republic of China detention House”, chapter 1, Chapter 2: Detention house is the institution where people who are arrested and detained by criminal law are detained.Criminals who are sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than one year or whose remaining sentence is not more than one year and are not suitable to be sent to a place for reform through Labour for execution.Although He Yingjun is more shameful, wang Xingde and his wife are more tragic, but according to the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, the People’s Republic of China without making gunpowder, will be sentenced to at least three years in prison.And when li poetry they find Liu Yao forensics, Liu Yao reaction is too big, initially refused to cooperate, still a student at that time she because fear is understandable, but now she has been working in society, now that have a sense of justice in the online postings defending meng-meng wang, why when someone like her to uncover the truth, and the police were there,She refused to cooperate in the first place.All the character events in each cycle are repeated, for example: Ruddy gets in the car and trips.The repetition here also includes the characters’ personalities. Several times before, when Tao Yinghong took out a weapon to hurt people, other passengers except Lao Jiao and Lu Di looked on and did not dare to stop her. In the last time, they all attacked without communication.The above views are small series of personal opinions, different ideas of friends also hope haihan!In general, “The beginning” this play is good, the real beginning is Cao Mengmeng event, after all, most things are difficult to achieve perfection, in the play Zhao Jinmai students and strong man Bai Jingting’s acting also gave the audience unexpected surprise, I hope zhao students and white strong man make persistent efforts.Thanks for browsing!You can comment.