Huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying announced their divorce!The 12 words mark the end of five years of love and seven years of marriage

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On January 28, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy Ying Yang officially announced their divorce.In just 12 words, they ended their 5-year relationship and 7-year marriage.Although the word “divorce” was not mentioned in the copy, it was every word that revealed the news.Just a few days before the Spring Festival, the couple officially announced their divorce.Huang xiaoming and Yang Ying split amicably and have completed relevant procedures and will raise their children together in the future, according to a statement released by their respective studios.Netizens who heard the news of the explosion were surprised, but said it was “reasonable”.Since huang xiaoming and Yang Ying started dating, their relationship has been questioned by the public.Huang was already a popular star with a fortune, while Yang was just an unknown model.Many netizens believe that Yang is with Huang xiaoming because of his fame and influence.However, huang xiaoming and Yang Ying’s relationship did not weaken because of these remarks, but more and more sweet.When Yang Ying took part in Running Man, Huang xiaoming even went to be a guest and showed her love.Their relationship lasted for five years, during which time their relationship was very good.Until 2015, Huang xiaoming and Yang Ying held their wedding ceremony in Shanghai Exhibition Center.At that time, huang xiaoming custom-made “pigeon egg” diamond wedding for Yang Ying, fantasy luxury wedding all caused a sensation at that time, almost half of the entertainment industry to attend their wedding.Their wedding was almost live, and people still talk about it.After less than two years of marriage, Ying gave birth to her son, Xiao Sponge, and was questioned about surrogacy because she was too quick and low-key.After her marriage, Yang Ying did not choose to be a housewife, taking care of her husband and son. She only took a few months ‘rest and came back.Over the years, filming and variety shows have declined, but Huang Xiaoming has lowered his profile.In fact, they have been rumored to divorce for several years, since the birth of their son, Yang Ying and Huang Xiaoming rarely fit, even interactive show of love is difficult to see.Huang xiaoming once said that Yang Ying always stood by him when he was at a low point and never abandoned him to get him out of trouble.Now looking back at the sentence, I just feel that things are changing.In any case, huang Xiaoming and Yang Ying divorce is a foregone conclusion, I believe it is also a decision they made after careful consideration.As the audience, let’s hope they can be happy and bring better works.