Examination and approval of project site selection opinions in the project examination and approval work

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In the project examination and approval work, the project site selection opinion is very important to the project examination and approval, which is related to the life of the whole project, but not every project should apply for the project site selection opinion.Article 36 of the law of the People’s Republic of China on urban and rural planning act provisions: need the approval of relevant departments in accordance with state regulations or the approval for the construction of the project, with transfer means offer state-owned land use rights, the construction unit before submit the relevant departments for approval or approval, shall be filed with the competent department of urban and rural planning for site selection.Construction projects other than those mentioned in the preceding paragraph do not need to apply for written opinions on site selection.I. Projects approved by relevant departments Such projects are generally invested by state-owned funds of the government.During the examination and approval stage of the feasibility study report of a government-invested project, a written opinion on the site selection of the project must be obtained.Projects approved by relevant departments.Such projects are mainly projects within the scope of government approved investment project catalogue.It should be noted that only the construction project site selection in the urban and rural planning area of the project will be involved in the project site selection advice.Projects outside the planning area are subject to territorial and spatial planning control.