Aerospace “super mode” will open, China space station will be fully completed, industry scale of trillions of dollars in the future, the list of concept stocks

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Looking ahead, a number of consulting agencies believe that the space economy market has huge potential, with market value estimates ranging from $926 billion to a maximum of $2.7 trillion.”Tiangong” in China this year will be fully built according to the central radio and TV station desk the voice of China “news network” report, released on February 9, aerospace science and technology group under the China aerospace science and technology activity blue book (2021) show that in 2022 China continues to open space “super model”, schedule more than 50 times space mission,More than 140 spacecraft were launched, and the number of launches remained high.According to the blue book, building a space station is the most important task of the year.China’s Tiangong space station will consist of three modules, Tianhe core module, Qantian experimental module and Mengtian experimental module.According to the plan, China will launch six manned space missions in 2022, with Tianhe core module as the control center and Qantian and Mengtian experimental modules as the main experimental platforms. A manned space station will be fully completed, and a Long March 6a carrier rocket and multiple commercial carrier rockets will make their maiden flights.In recent years, China’s space development can be described as a rapid progress, from the moon, Mars and space station, China has achieved the current achievements step by step.Although China started late, it can reach the world’s advanced level in a short time.China’s space station will be the only one in the world when it is decommissioned in 2024.As China’s “real estate” in space, the Tiangong space station is hugely valuable.The space industry will be worth $2.7 trillion by 2040, according to a bank of America Merrill Lynch research report.Goldman Sachs also says the space economy will be at the forefront of the future, with the industry expected to grow into trillions of dollars over the next 20 years.According to statistics, more than 20 advanced scientific experiment cabinets will be deployed in each module of the space station, laying a sound environmental foundation for more international scientific cooperation.At present, China and the United Nations Outer Space Agency have approved nine projects involving 17 countries to participate in scientific experiments on China’s space station.In the future, there will be more and more international cooperation around China’s space station.Securities Times · Data Bao statistics show that as of February 11, there are 20 companies involved in space station related business, A stock market value of 567.6 billion yuan.Mindray Medical, the world’s largest medical company by market capitalization, said on its interactive platform that the Chinese space station is equipped with its AED products.In addition to Mindray medical, many other listed companies disclosed information about the space station on the interactive platform.Yaguang technology said on the interactive platform on February 10 that part of the company’s military electronics products have long been used in aerospace communications.Huali Chuangtong said it provided simulation testing services for the development of some equipment for China’s space station.Fiberhome responded that its controlling subsidiary, Hongsheng Technology, is responsible for the important tasks of voice communication between astronauts and the space station and between astronauts and the ground command center.The company’s microsystem chips are used in spacecraft components such as Shenzhou and the space station, According to The company.The secondary market trend, the overall performance of the space station concept flat.Data Treasure statistics show that as of February 11, concept stocks have fallen by an average of 0.38% since the Spring Festival, underperforming the Shanghai Composite Index in the same period.From the perspective of valuation level, 9 stocks with rolling p/E ratio below 50 times, including Feiyada, All Trust shares, Aerospace Electronics, Yongxin Optics, Tianyin Electromechanical, Fiberhome Electronics, etc. Feiyada p/E ratio of 11.3 times ranked the lowest position.In terms of the attention of institutions, mindray Medical is mentioned most frequently in securities research reports, with a total of 38 research reports giving attention to it.Followed by AvIC High-tech, Yongxin optics, Feiyada, Liyad, full letter shares, etc.According to the latest performance data, Leyard, Aerospace Science and Technology, Yongxin optics, Telin biological and other four shares in 2021 net profit is expected to increase year-on-year, among which Leyard, aerospace science and Technology pre-increase by more than 100%.Disclaimer: All data treasure information does not constitute investment advice, the stock market is risky, investment should be cautious.